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15" PA/DJ System with Rechargeable Battery  

TSB15-BT - Front.jpg

TSB15-BT - Front.jpg

TSB15-BT - Back.jpg

TSB15-BT - Back.jpg

TSB15-BT back panel.jpg

TSB15-BT back panel.jpg

TBS15-BT Wireless Mic.jpg

TBS15-BT Wireless Mic.jpg

TDA Remote Control.jpg

TDA Remote Control.jpg

Portable Music Never Sounded This Good 


The TSB15-BT is a versatile battery powered portable PA/DJ music system that delivers 3000 P.M.P.O. watts of power. Its road ready and designed to provide music and entertainment anytime and anywhere. It features a powerful 15" speaker with titanium drivers, onboard rechargeable battery, 5-band equalizer, two wireless mics and an echo effects processor. 


You can easily play music and DJ via any Bluetooth streaming device, SD card, or a USB drive. It's compact and portable design features a retractable pull up handle and wheels for easy transport, and its compact design make it easy to store.  


Connect a guitar and you're ready to perform anywhere. Invite friends over for some Karaoke, use it for a family gathering, BBQ or outdoor church or company event. In fact, you can even make extra money by using it to DJ local events or parties. 









MSRP: $695.00         Sale Price: $249.00

Key Features


  • 15" Active Speaker with Titanium Drivers

  • 3000 Watts PMPO*

  • Rechargeable Onboard Battery 

  • Bluetooth Music Streaming

  • MP3 Player/FM Radio 

  • USB/SD Slots for Audio Playback

  • 5-Band Equalizer

  • Digital Delay Effects Processor 

  • RCA Input/Outputs 

  • 12V DC Input/Outputs 

  • Two Wireless MICS

  • Microphone Input

  • Pole Mount Socket with Stabilizing Lock

  • Pull-up Handle/Transport Wheels 

  • Lightweight and Portable 

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