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Our Story  

In 2005, Terra Digital Audio was formed by a group of Silicon Valley veterans, who also had some music industry backgrounds. The goal was simple, design the best Windows based PC audio workstations to run what was then, and still now, the most widely used software and hardware for digital audio recording, Pro Tools and Pro Tools HD


As a result, the company partnered with the Enginnering and Test Group at Digidesign, now AVID, and worked together to come up with a specification that resulted in the release of the Terra Digital M6R, the first Intel based P4 desktop class PC workstation 100% compataible and certified by Digidesign to work with Pro Tools HD, their most powerful DAW hardware and software platform. 


Through the years we continued to design leading PC desktops, rack-mounts and notebooks to support most industry leading music recording and editing software and hardware, and provided computers to AVID for various trade shows like NAMM.  Our systems were purchased and used by recording artists, producers, and content developers throughout the world. 


In 2010, we started to design and market a line of PA/DJ systems specifically for a few vertical markets, and today we are proud to have a complete product line of portable PA/DJ systems. 


Today, Terra Digital AV is managed by a seasoned group of both computer industry professionals and pure music and audio lovers that have participated in the success of several Silicon Valley success stories. Our overall goal is to continue to work diligently to establish Terra Digital AV as the market leader for leading edge PA speaker products and digital audio recording workstations.  


We offer our products directly and through authorized reseller partners in the USA and in international markets. Support and upgrade services are offered in over twenty countries. Our corporate office is located in San Jose, California.


We are members of the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM), The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), as well as Bluetooth SIG. 


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